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Psychology Resources @ OC Library

Resources for Psychology Students at Oxnard College, Fall 2020. With the COVID-19 situation, emphasis will be on online resources. Paper resources will have limited availability.


Psychology Resources @ Oxnard College Library, Fall 2020

The first research site for most students is our OneSearch page.  There are many ways to limit searches by date, only by academic sources, etc. Librarians are available for online assistance via telephone, chat and Zoom.

TECH TIP: Before using the links below, log in to MyVCCCD first.  This should reduce authentication errors.

Before taking a "deep dive" into research for your paper, you may wish to learn about your topic in general.  Check out the Salem Press Psychology & Behavioral Health and Community & Family Health Issues encyclopedias. 


Keep in mind: Salem Health content is for background only and can't be cited in your paper as sources.  Now, here are the links for OC's databases with academic/peer-reviewed articles and other content.


Psych R101 students (and frequently, those in other sections, too) must define the disorder under study using the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, DSM-5:


There are many other useful sources on POL and it's difficult to separate out just the DSM-5 information.  Your librarian will add visuals here for explanation; please check back.

Other resources for academic/peer-reviewed articles from psychology/psychiatry journals:


Separating out scholarly content requires some extra steps here. Please ask librarians for instruction.

ProQuest Research Library

Academic content has been "pre-filtered" a bit in this ProQuest link.


You may also use the National Library of Medicine's PubMed Central database (your Federal tax dollars at work; not part of OC Library.)  All articles are free and scholarly, but not all are full text.


You must use American Psychological Association Format, 7th Edition style for citing (documenting) your sources.  Because the printed manuals are locked up in the Library during COVID-19, we recommend two important secondary sources: APA Style @ Online Writing Lab at Purdue University and, especially...

Learning Resource Center (Tutoring), our very own online tutors.  They will assist you with all aspects of creating your paper, including, but not limited to, citation matters.


Professor-Approved Web Sites--additional resources:

American Psychological Association

Center for Evolutionary Psychology--esp. for Psy R108 students.

Jean Piaget Society--resources for Psy R108 students.

Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction

Kinsey Confidential--accurate sexuality information for college students and other young people.

National Institute of Mental Health

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Psych Web--for students and teachers of psychology

Social Psychology Network--psychological research and teaching.

Yours in research,

Tom Stough, Librarian

Oxnard College Library Learning Resource Center

Website:  (Chat service available)

(805) 678-5818

Bryan Thompson, Adjunct Librarian